Your Chinese Lover: Falling in Love (and Staying In Love)

Chinese women are some of the most elegant, hard-working, committed, and family-oriented women in the world. Chinese women are typically very educated, ambitious, know how to have a good time, but also how to be responsible and remain disciplined to the important things in life.

Many western men and foreigners flock to China to meet the woman of their dreams – and often one day wife! Check out some of our tips on meeting, marrying, and keeping your Chinese wife happy.

Not all men understand what to expect from a Chinese woman, so these pieces of advice can be quite helpful in filling in the blanks.happy Chinese family

1) Meeting her family and maintaining a bond – From the beginning of your dating experiences with your Chinese lover you will learn the importance and significance of meeting and maintaining a strong, positive bond with her most important friends and family.

If and when your Chinese girlfriend or wife offers for you to meet her friends and family, know that this is likely the introductory period of her considering settling down with you and marriage.

Moving forward, once you’re married understand that it’s critical, no matter how near or far, that you maintain both the respect and admiration of her friends, family, and loved ones.

The stability, happiness, and likelihood of success in your relationship counts on it! Once married, your Chinese wife’s family will treat you like their own, will always be there for, and remain loyal to you.

Likewise, it’s important you maintain respect, and treat her family members and friends how you’d want them to treat yours. Insulting or failing to create and maintain a bond with her loved one’s is considered a direct insult to her, and will make her feel as though you don’t genuinely love or respect her – at least as much as she believes she deserves.

2) Enjoying her patience and maintaining yours – Chinese women happen to have some of the greatest, most desirable reputation for being both patient and supportive. Therefore, whether you’re living abroad or back at home with your Chinese wife, understand that those many jealous arguments or problem’s you’ve had in the past with women are likely to be non-existent with her. However, this goes both way.

Therefore, expect to remain equally respectful, patient with her, respect her “free time”, relationship with (likely Chinese) friends, and make a genuine effort to trust her too. Chinese women have a reputation for being incredibly committed and devoted to their husbands, so you need not fret.

In fact, her amount of loyalty, love, and trust should help you to remain in sync with one another – just make sure you communicate with her and avoid leaving her “out of the picture” at all costs.

You can expect your Chinese wife to be proud of you, and not be afraid to show you off and introduce you to her closest friends. This should go both ways, so if you’re in a place that you can, it’s recommended that you do – this will add both trust and a bond between you, as well as help avoid arguments or awkwardness in the future.beautiful Chinese woman with sweet smile

3) Be a leader but maintain your respect and integrity – Chinese women, especially once married, have a tendency to trust in, and rely on the man (you) of the household to make the important decisions, whether it’s money related, child related, or work-related. This also applies for the smaller things too.

However, in order for you two to maintain your happiness and a mutual level of respect it is critical that you remain receptive and listen to her wants, needs, thoughts, and opinion of each situation.

You should strive to grow and maintain your Chinese wives’ respect as a leader through trust, mutual respect, and demonstrating an understanding that you know what’s if that’s the case.

This can be shown by demonstrating your wit and willingness to commit, as well as make the best decisions possible for your relationship.

This takes time and does not mean for any reason you should, or have to stop working as a team on the decisions you make together, especially for something like deciding on when to have a child, how many, etc.

Chinese women are very bright, happen to be quite efficient “independent thinkers”, and like to feel heard or acknowledged. Assuming you put your best foot forward, maintain respect, integrity, and do not insult your Chinese lover or attempt to undermine her, it’s very likely that she’ll be open to your views, desires, and abilities to have a child and raise him or her as a Father.

Often, taking into favor what you believe is appropriate for, or necessary, when it comes to rules, consequences, and how you expect each day to play out with you and your new family – from dinner plans to routine, how you interact with one another, all the way to whether or not your children will be expected to be bilingual – such as to include speaking Chinese.simple but elegant look of a Chinese woman

4) Many Chinese women are not religious by nature – If they are, it’s not very “strict”. While this is not the case for every Chinese woman, you should understand and appreciate that it’s more common than not. With that being said, this is understandably something that likely should have been or be discussed prior to getting married.

If for any reason it wasn’t, or you feel like this is a place where you don’t see eye to eye together, then it’s definitely worth addressing and working on. It’s likely that your Chinese wife is quite flexible, has the ability to adapt, and much like her interest in a foreign man, it’s likely that she’ll have an interest in your religion as well – or lack thereof.

In good time, she will likely either hold or minimize some of her Chinese views or modernize them to coincide with your beliefs, culture, and the way you live your life.

Chinese women in particular happen to often fall between a nice combination of traditional and progressive views, as well as maintaining their conservative ways and often taking a liberal viewpoint on life matters.

It is worth taking into consideration that many Chinese women happen to believe strongly in the “goodness of heart” and are by no means unaware of the value and application of morals and ethics in everyday life, including your relationship.

5) Even if she’s fluent, it doesn’t mean she or you can’t continue to learn – Even if you fall in love with and ultimately marry a Chinese woman, the value of speaking and understanding each other’s language should by no means be underestimated.

Even small efforts on your part to practice and understand Chinese will in turn likely motivate her to want to learn English, and meet you half way when it comes to communication.

Overall, improving the general nature, respect, and potential for happiness and success in your relationship. Keep in mind that a Chinese woman (or mans) opinion of “fluency” in a language might not be the same as yours.

But, if you’re in love (and married), then it’s of course worthwhile to make continued efforts to always be on the same page, and be mindful of the words, terms you use, and how you say them – as they could mistakably be misinterpreted or even blown out of proportion and cause problems or arguments.

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